Did I say Hot? House & Home magazine agrees!

House & Home magazine selected our tap maple charcuterie board for their “2016 Made in Ontario Holiday Gift Ideas” article.  We are proud to see a major magazine recognise our hard work discovering innovative raw materials and creating unique gifts.

Supplies of tap maple are limited, so we expect this item to go fast.  I know supplies are limited because earlier this fall I bought all the tap maple I could find from a major mill.  I’m still looking for more, so drop me an email if you know any maple syrup producers who are cutting down trees.


Tap Maple in House and Home magazine

Earlier this year I predicted that these boards would be popular.  The ambrosia streaks caused by drilling the hole to insert the spile (look it up), along with the tap holes themselves, make for a unique and stunning design in the wood.  No two boards are the same. They are a lot of work to build, as the wood is usually damaged and the holes have to be filled, but the results speak for themselves.

The serving bowls in the picture are from Tammy Heyman of Ladybird Ceramics.  I liked Tammy’s work so much I sell her products alongside my own so you can have a complete gift set ready to go at your next party.

Use our tap maple charcuterie board to serve fresh Ontario cheese with locally-made jellies and be as Canadian as you can be!


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