Product Description

A unique wine rack made from oak wine barrel staves. The frame is made from two full barrel staves, with shorter barrel stave ends making up five shelves to hold the bottles.

I have preserved the character of the wood. With a graceful outward curve, the outside of the brackets and the tops of the supports is coloured a deep purple from the red wine that the barrel held for years, and the other side shows the greyish age of the outside of the barrel with white bands created by the metal barrel straps. The wood is hand finished with durable and beautiful glossy tung oil.

Holds five bottles.

Two holes, one in the middle of each cross piece, allows the rack to be mounted on any wall. We recommend that the rack be attached directly to a wall joist with a 3 inch #8 screw, but drywall anchors could also be used. Requires mounting screws (two 2 1/2 inch #8 screws plus anchors) suitable for the intended wall.

Additional Information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 x 7.5 x 36 in
Wood Variations

Exact colour and shading of the wood varies

Colour Variations

The inside and outside colours can vary slightly depending on the age and use of the barrel.

Size Variations

The exact size and curvature of the wood can vary depending on the barrel make and history of the barrel that the stave came from.


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