• 10 Inch Wide-base Bobbins
  • 10 Inch Wide-base Bobbins

Wide-base Bobbin Candle Holders



Product Description

These large bobbin candle holders measure 10 or 12 inches tall, the bottom is about 5 inches wide and the top is slightly smaller with a 3/4 inch centre bore. Both the top and bottom are banded in zinc metal.

Rescued from old textile mills across North America, these bobbins collected plenty of character over their years of hard use. Open in the middle to hold a large candle (3/4 inch base), they are available as either lightly refinished or in their original patina.

The light finishing includes a light sanding of the wood (leaving many of the scuffed marks), slight polishing of the metal banding and removal of most of the paint from the ends. The surface is then lightly varnished and waxed to last a new lifetime as a candle holder.

The original patina is slightly darker and may includes a painted top, a few paint smudges, dings from handling and a few cut marks on the spindle from the operator cutting the thread.

These bobbins are available either as-is or drilled for a 7/8 inch standard tapered candle with a brass insert. If you want this as a collector’s item, then you should order it un-drilled and cut the base of your candle to fit the 3/4 inch hole in the centre of the bobbin. If you are ordering it as a candle, then we will drill a larger hole for you and install a brass insert. Drilling the bobbin will reduce its value as a collector’s item.

No two bobbins are exactly alike, but their variations are what makes them so interesting. If you are purchasing multiple bobbins, we recommend that you purchase the lightly finished version as the patina will be more consistent. Different bobbins may have been handled and stored quite differently and the original patina can vary from light to quite dark.  If you purchase multiple bobbins of a single type. we will try to match the patina as closely as possible.

This wide-base bobbin candle holder works very well in a set of two with one of each size.

Additional Information

Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 5 x 5 in
Bobbin Size

10 in., 12 in.


Light Finish, Original Patina

Drilled for Candle

Drilled for 7/8 inch candle base, Un-drilled


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