Come see us at our next show August 14th in Toronto

We’re looking forward to our next show at the Toronto Art Crawl in David Pecaut Square on Friday, August 14th. If you’re in downtown Toronto that day, drop by our booth and visit the 60 other artisans at the show as well.

We had a great time at the Toronto Art Crawl Entertainment District show in June, where we got to test out our new tent and display racks. Our clearest lesson that month was not to bring so @?!$?%! much stuff. It can be a long walk from the car to the tent, and doing it six times in the morning and then again at night can be very wearying.

The Toronto Art Crawl show in David Pecaut Square on July 10th was another fun day. We had no idea what to expect, especially when we realized that day was the opening ceremonies for the Pan Am games two blocks away. The media had disturbing stories about traffic jams and crowds, so we got there early and hoped for the best.

It turns out the doomsayers were wrong; highway traffic was lighter than normal and the great weather brought out lots of people. We even got to see the Pan Am flame run by on King street.

So we hope to see you on Friday, August 14th at David Pecaut Square from 11 am to 6 pm. We have another batch of Firewood Finds that just came out of the kiln, so shop early for the best selection.


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