Our new home …

Whistler Woodcraft has moved to Niagara-on-the-Lake!

Our new workshop is located among the orchards and vineyards on Lakeshore Rd 300 metres south of Lake Ontario between the Niagara River and the Welland Canal.

Here is the view from my shop:

The nectarine orchard behind my shop.

My new shop is almost 1,000 square feet with 100 Amps of power and is wired for 110V and 220V for my new, bigger machines.  It also boasts a design studio where I can design, photograph and store my merchandise.

If you are ever in the area, feel free to stop by and say hello.  We are located at 758 Lakeshore Rd., NOTL.



Our new name is what we do

Our new name – Whistler Woodcraft – reflects our focus on the craft of working with wood.

When I started this business, I wanted a name that reflected the wide range of genres in which I worked. As my wife will attest, I have a touch of ADHD, which is reflected in the many media in which I create using a combination of artistic flair and technical expertise.

I started early in life as a photographer, where I developed my eye for composition and deep technical knowledge of the technology of cameras and the chemistry of printing.

Later I started working with wood, designing and creating furniture for our house. My career has been in the dynamic business of high tech, and every time I changed jobs I channeled my stress into a new piece of furniture.

I then became interested in stained glass, and once again designed and created a wide range of pieces for our house and as gifts.

I probably would have gotten into fused glass and pottery as well if I could have afforded the kilns.

When I decided to evolve from a hobbyist to a craftsperson, I focused on what I did – which is pretty much anything that caught my interest – and Whistler Fine Arts was born. I quickly learned that both photography and stained glass are not very profitable.

Modern cameras and smart phones are so capable that pretty much anyone can take a good picture now. Very few people are willing to pay for a photograph.

Stained glass is so time-consuming that few people are willing to pay what it really costs to produce a Tiffany-style glass panel. By the time I add up my material costs and the number of hours in a piece, I barely make minimum wage at the price at which people are willing to pay.

Cheap foreign knock-offs have also flooded the craft market and driven price expectations into the ground.

But hand-made wood pieces are still appreciated by some, especially when they are built from unique wood sourced locally. So we are going to focus on wood for the next while, and I wanted our name to reflect that.

My medium is wood and my differentiating factor is my craft, so “Whistler Woodcraft” was born.

Join me in my journey as I explore unique sources of wood and build interesting, beautiful and functional items for your home.


Free Media? Count me in!

The crew behind the Craftadian spring craft show, besides putting on a great sale, also do great PR.  Some of my products were featured on Global News at Noon, as was my personal story.  An excerpt of the coverage is below.



I am really glad that our name is getting out there.  We will be at a lot more shows over the rest of 2015.  Keep coming back to our site to learn when we will be in your area.



Welcome to Whistler Woodcraft