Great gift for yourself or others

Among all decorative items, candles are the most alluring and useful of all.

Nothing sets off a great table like a centrepiece candle, and the warm glow of candles make any room more inviting.

We offer a large selection of candles with more coming every day.

Firewood Find Candle

Our latest product we call “Forest Finds”. They are candles made out of wood rescued from woodlot owners and woodlot management companies. These logs are too twisted, too damaged or too rotten to use for firewood, so we dry them in our own kiln, plane them smooth and finish them with tung oil to bring out the colour and grain. Every one is unique, and sometimes planing off 1/4 of an inch reveals a completely different design.


Check out our candles made from rescued wooden textile mill bobbins. You can use tapered candles of various sizes or pillar candles that sit on top of the larger bobbins. Our bobbins come pre-drilled to accept 3/4 inch or 7/8 inch tapered candles or you can buy them undrilled and modify your candles to fit the existing holes.

Birch Centrepiece Candle 8x8

We also sell bobbins from rescued birch trees. We’re sold out of these after a blockbuster Christmas season but more are on the way. We’re hunting for our donor trees right now and will need a few weeks to dry the wood before we can make more.


We also make adapters that convert our shoe lasts into one-of-a-kind candles. If you are looking for something for that hard-to-buy-for person, you can rest assured that they do not have a set of these. They are available in baby, youth and adult last sizes. Our adapters fit into the existing mounting hole in the last and do not modify or devalue the lasts as collector items.

Shoe Last Cancles 8x8


Our centerpiece candles made from oak wine barrel staves were also quite popular this past Christmas. They make an excellent centerpiece for any table but are especially prized by wine lovers. Available in 5, 3 or single-light versions. The 5-light and 3-light versions are available with the arch of the stave concave, where the stave balances on its middle and the two ends curve gracefully upwards, or convex, where the stave sits on its ends and the centre is raised.

To see our selection of candles you can browse by category in the sidebar at the right, or search for “candle” in the search box.

Keep coming back regularly to check out our candle selection; we are always looking for new materials and items that can be converted into candles.

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