Candles are hot!

This season I have been pleasantly surprised with how popular candles are.

As part of my “found objects” theme I have been turning found objects into candles of various sizes and shapes.  These items include bobbins, barrel staves and rescued wood.

Bobbins make wonderful candlesticks because of their graceful shape and interesting patina.  I offer bobbin candlesticks either as drilled or adapted.

Drilled bobbins are just that – the top of the bobbin is drilled to accept either a standard  candls (7/8″) or a medium candle (5/6″). This is very convenient and looks great, but unfortunately it destroys the value of the bobbin as a collector piece.  If all you want is a candlestick then that is not an issue, but if you collect bobbins or want to display the bobbin on its own without a candle, the top of the bobbin is marred by the large hole.

If you want to preserve that value of the bobbin then I also make adapters consisting of a candle cup on top of a dowel.  The dowel fits into the bobbin opening and the candles fits into the cup that stands proud of the bobbin.

My wine barrel stave candles are also quite popular this season to the point where I am heading back into the shop to make more.

The big surprise is candle centerpieces made from birch branches.  I salvaged these birch branches earlier this year when helping a friend clean up trees on his farm damaged by last winter’s ice storm.  They have been dried (easier said than done!), flattened on the bottom, and drilled along the top to accept glass tealight holders.  Ranging from 11 to 16 inches with three, four or five tealights each, they make an excellent centrepiece for your holiday table.

A final fun candle set that I made is a pair of wooden shoe lasts with candle adapters.  These are an awesome and whimsical display on your table or mantle.

So I have definitely seen the light and I will be working on a new set of candles for 2015!




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