Company Overview

Whistler Fine Arts is the latest business started by serial entrepreneur Wally Kowal.

Wally founded Whistler Communications Group in 1998 to provide marketing and operations management consulting services to technology-based companies across North America.  Since then, he has worked at a variety of technology firms in a wide range of management roles.

Whistler Fine Arts is an offshoot of the creative process that Wally has followed over the last twenty years, combining his creativity, artisan skills and on-line technology knowledge into a new venture.

Our History

The Early years
Whistler Fine Arts was launched in 2013 to commercialize what Wally had originally taken up as hobbies. Our first venture was to sell products to help raise money for the 26th Guelph Venturer Company to attend Scouts Canada’s Venturer 2014 jamboree in Newoundland.
Going Live
In 2014 Whistler Fine Arts launched its e-commerce site and began building its wholesale business.
Further Expansion
In 2014 Whistler Fine Arts partnered with the Morrison Trading Company to offer their re-purposed bobbins and other products.
The Future
We’re not sure where this is going to take us, but we are looking forward to building our business.

Who’s in charge

Right now we’re a small operation with Wally dedicated to building the products and the business.

Wally Kowal

President & CEO

Wally is the founder, president, chief cook and bottle washer. Also carpenter, artisan and general help. Oh, and webmaster too.

Welcome to Whistler Woodcraft